Terms of Purchase

Purchasing a product and placing an order

  • When making a purchase at the studio at Sockerbruket 18 you pay directly in place with card. If you are a company or an association you can ask for payment by invoice.
  • You can also order a product online and make a distance purchase. The placing of an order is complete when an agreement on the implementation, price and time of delivery has been made and you have received a confirmation of this. The product is sent so it will reach you on the agreed point of time.
  • All products valued 700 SEK or more are sent by registered mail. The supplier of delivery is PostNord.
  • You pay for the product by invoice when it has reached you. The invoice is included in the consignment. The invoice can also be sent to you by email.
  • The payment term is 20 days and shipment is free of charge for products valued 3000 SEK or more.

Gift cards

  • You can purchase a gift card at an amount free of choice that is valid for a product or a workshop event. If you make the purchase at the studio you pay in place directly by card. If you make a distance purchase the gift card including an invoice will be sent to you. The payment term is 20 days.
  • A gift card is valid for 2 years and can not be replaced by cash.
  • You have 14 days right of withdrawal on a purchase for a gift card.

Events and workshop

  • You pay with card in place at the studio when you have arrived for the event or workshop. If you are a group coming for a bridal shower, reunion or birthday celebration, you pay the total amount in a lump sum. If you are a small group coming for a workshop you can pay separately. If you are a company or an association you can ask for payment by invoice.
  • If you want to cancel an event or workshop, or change the time or date for your reservation, you always have to inform us about this as soon as possible. The cancellation or change is approved when you get a confirmation of this. It is free of charge to cancel or change a reservation on condition that you have informed us and that the cancellation/change has been approved. If this is not the case you will be charged 500 SEK.
  • We take responsibility that you always get to finish your piece of jewelry at an event or workshop with us. Should there not be enough time for this at the event itself you are welcome to finish it at a time suitable for you. If you can not come back and do it yourself we can help you out free of charge.
  • We do not take responsibility if you are dissatisfied with the piece of jewelry you have produced yourself at an event or workshop with us.
  • You can not use your right of withdrawal for an event or workshop that has already taken place, and you can not get refund for it.


  • All prices are in SEK including 25% VAT.
  • We reserve ourselves for price changes caused by supplier price changes or other circumstances we can not control. This might happen for instance if you make an order that is extremely long-term and commodity prices change substantially in the meantime.
  • When making personal orders or orders for variants of products it is always the agreed price that applies.

Right of withdrawal

  • You can use your right of withdrawal within 14 days from a purchase made in place at the studio, or 14 days from receiving the product if you have made a distance purchase. If you want to make a withdrawal you always have to contact us and wait for confirmation before returning the product. The product must be in original condition and without damages upon return.
  • When you have made a distance purchase of a ring you can have the size changed once free of charge if the design admits it.
  • The return of a product must be made by registered mail if the value exceeds 700 SEK. When returning a product you are responsible for the return shipping, delivery and condition of the product. The product must be well wrapped up in the original packaging.
  • Send us an email including your account details and the refund will be sent to you as soon as the product has reached us in original condition.
  • The right of withdrawal does not apply if you have ordered a product customized especially for you and if it has a significant personal touch.
  • At your request we can agree on open purchase and right of exchange for the purchase of a product.


  • If a product has been delivered damaged or faulty it is our responsibility to remedy the fault.
  • Contact us and describe the fault. If we are not able to remedy the fault or deliver a similar product we will refund you based on current Swedish consumer protection legislation. We follow the recommendations of this legislation (Allmänna Reklamationsnämnden, ARN).
  • We provide for the return shipping of a complaint that is confirmed and approved by us.

Limitation of liability

  • We do not take responsibility for indirect damages that possibly might occur caused by a product.
  • We do not take responsibility for delays of delivery caused by the supplier (PostNord).
  • We do not take responsibility for events or circumstances we can not control such as labour conflict, natural disaster, war, authority decisions or missed delivery by the supplier (Force Majeure).

Product information

  • We reserve ourselves for final sales of products at this website.
  • We do not guarantee that the images of this website reproduce the products absolutely true to life due to differences of screen, quality and image resolution.
  • We always do our best to expose the products as correctly as possible.

More information

Photo Products and Events: Anna Martinsson
Photo Interior Portrait and Portraits of Anna Martinsson, at the webpage About me: Fotograf/Photographer Anna Rehnberg, www.annarehnberg.se
The pieces of mosaic of the series Venezia are imported by and where applicable processed by Artist Mia Frankedal, www.miafrankedal.com