It turned out much nicer than

I thought

I didn´t plan to arrange a lot of bridal showers, workshops and other events for jewelry making when I started off working as a silversmith and jewelry artist. But that´s how it has turned out – thanks to so many people being curious and wanting to learn about the jewelry making craft.


When taking part in a workshop at my studio you get to know some of the basics about the craft of jewelry making. You produce a piece of jewelry on your own, ready to bring back home when a few hours have passed. You make it in your own design from the first idea to the complete piece. The jewelry you make will turn out as something special for you to keep and wear, or maybe to give away. No previous knowledge of jewelry making is needed.

Bridal Shower, Birthday or Reunion

The Bridal Shower Event is also suitable if you for instance want to celebrate a birthday, a reunion or an employment award with some jewelry making. If you want something special I am happy to customize an event for you – please ask!