Graffiti are silver pendants and earrings featuring fragments of recycled graffiti. I find the graffiti fragments on the ground in the area surrounding my studio – it is pieces that have already fallen from the walls, and I keep them to give them a new context as jewelry.

The graffiti fragments consist of layers of pure colour. All pieces are different from each other. The graffiti material is quite hard so I have to use the goldsmith’s saw to cut it. It is slightly fragile, and sometimes it breaks so that I have to take another piece to go on. Before setting the graffiti in silver I put on a layer of lack on the surface in order to make it stronger and to enhance the colour.

Please avoid water on your graffiti jewelry and be a bit careful as the surface is not rock hard. You may wear it in a normal way as a pendant or earrings without problem. On a ring the graffiti is more exposed and will eventually wear down.

Graffiti pendants and earrings are made individually one by one. The graffiti fragments are all different and that makes each piece of jewelry unique.

More jewelry in Grafitti style

If you want a piece of graffiti jewelry made especially for you I am happy to help you. I have a lot of graffiti fragments to choose between, or maybe you have one of your own that you would like to have transformed into a piece of jewelry. Explore my jewelry, order something custom made especially for you or get an individual instruction of jewelry making at my studio.