A piece of jewelry is
something very personal

– that´s why you should wear one that is
one of a kind and handmade with love and care

Unique handmade jewelry

Explore my jewelry, order something custom made especially for you, get an individual instruction of jewelry making, or choose a piece of jewelry of my design. I am happy to help you what ever you want. Welcome!




Explore four series of neckpieces, earrings and rings made of silver

Two of the series feature other materials as well as silver. Each piece is entirely made by hand and that is why small individual differences might occur between them. A piece of jewelry is not only a decorative accessory – it is also something very personal. It can symbolize love, memories or important events of life, and that´s why it is important to choose something that is really right for you.


Drop are pendants and earrings that are hollow and therefore light. They are made from thin silver sheet in two different designs: silver with a sanded finish made by hand – and naturally oxidized from the process of soldering and heating the silver.


Venezia is jewelry made of silver featuring mosaic from Venice. The mosaic is made from extra hard enamel glass and is produced and cut by hand in a traditional way. Each piece is unique and the bezels are made individually.


Flora is a series of pendants and earrings in silver and oxidized silver featuring leaves and flowers. The jewelry is inspired by nature, but it is an interpretation so the pieces are not absolutely true to life.


Graffiti are silver pendants and earrings featuring fragments of recycled graffiti. I find the graffiti fragments on the ground in the area surrounding my studio – it is pieces that have fallen from the walls, and I keep them to give them a new context as jewelry.